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"Ingredients That Go Well Together"

February 28, 2018


Over time I have figured out which toppings I should put on for nutritional value, not just to create a visually pleasing bowl. (although I do love to make my food look beautiful)


It is important to me that my smoothie bowl ingredients are personalized to my daily nutritional needs; toppings included. I first gage how active my day is going to be, whether I am going to be teaching lots of dance classes or mostly desk work. Depending on my activities that day I will choose the ingredients and quantities to fit. 



I have a pretty good routine in the mornings these days. It starts with greeting my bear-dog, Lucy, and then I begin making tea and a smoothie. 


Sometimes I am feeling inspired for a new combination of ingredients, but I will usually stick with my staple carrot & banana base smoothie. 


Recipes are not really a thing in my world of food. Instead I have "a repertoire of ingredients that go well together."


I love the versatility that smoothies have. I feel like I am able to get the nutrients I need all in one dish.

If I am on the go it is easy to switch the BOWL out for a JAR. I like to layer my smoothie jars: smoothie - toppings - smoothie - toppings - smoothie etc... to get an even amount of everything.



~I Enjoy Flavor~



How do you personalize your smoothies?







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