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Good Morning

April 15, 2018

Two reasons I use my front porch for food photography:


1. The concrete is more aesthetic than our plastic "granite" counter tops 

2. The lighting is wayyy better outside


The downside to doing it on the front porch:

Sometimes you get pictures like this:

(notice the paw prints and curious Dickens checking out my breakfast)











2 frozen bananas

2-3oz. matcha tea

1 handful of spinach

1tsp. wheatgrass powder

1/4 cup Milkadamia milk 

1tbs Apple Cider Vinager 

.....and maybe I added a carrot,  I don't remember......





Occasionally I love starting my mornings with some music on in the background while I make breakfast. Here's a link to my morning playlist on Spotify:


(click to listen)


"If music be the food of love, play on." - William Shakespeare  


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