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Blonde for the summer

August 14, 2018


Time usually spent under the summer sun was spent under the ray of stage lights.

I learned so much from within the walls of theatres this summer, about the type of person I want to become, and about other people.


Teaching kids musical theatre is not for the faint of heart. Although, it is so rewarding. At the end of the day the ultimate goal is always to see them walk away with a sense of accomplishment whether it be that jazz square that they couldn't do the day before, or the confidence that they receive from the safe space that a theatre provides. Oh and bonus if they draw you pictures of kitties in tutus! 

After working with the young generation of thespians, I would usually video chat with Sarah and show her what kind of food I was making in my car ("Welcome to Maddie's Car Kitchen") for a quick dinner tutorial out of my cooler bag before I rushed into 'theatre number two' for rehearsals with another group of amazingly talented people. 

It was kind of like whiplash going from show to show but I got to spend time with a lot of really cool people. 

The walls of the theatre saw every bit of me, from literal blood, sweat (lots of sweat) and tears. I really learned how far I could push myself until I hit an emotional and physical max with the lack of hours I was sleeping. 


Above all of the lessons I learned throughout, one of them was that I will never go blonde.















I told my mom to show me this picture incase I ever decide to dye my hair.













I was really glad when it was the last show and I didn't have to put that wig on anymore.











Enough said. . . .



 Always count your blessings. Especially when the other people in your dressing room make you laugh until you cry all of your makeup off that took you an hour to put on and you have to redo it even though you have to be on stage after the next song. 


People would come up to me after the shows and tell me how they loved the show and how much fun it looked like I was having "up there." I would usually reply with a genuine "thank you so much for coming" and "yes! but not as much fun as backstage!" 


 I haven't really been inside of a theatre lately. I suspect the next theatre I will devote my time to will take place in Rome, Italy. Here I will begin a new chapter, or season of life. 

My notebook will be filled less with lesson planning and choreography and more with pages and pages of note taking to become a Certified DanceAbility Teacher. 


15 days now until I get on that plane. . . 




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