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Hi Family! I made it to Rome

August 31, 2018

My dearest Nolie dropped me at the airport. He took this picture of me before the long journey across the globe. I only had a small idea of what I what was ahead of me.

So many people have helped me along in this journey. All of the flights went well and were relaxing. I got the window seat for the first flight. It was also my first time using an airplane bathroom which was an experience of it's own....


One flight the girl in front of me had the movie Little Women playing - with subtitles! I was always seated next to nice people too. 


I was nearly stopped at the UK Border when the security lady found my Hydroflask still full of water. "you have two options," she said, "you can either leave or drink it all." "I'll chug it."

She was surprised and didn't believe I could do it. I've never drank 32 ounces of water so quickly in my whole life.


The amount of people watching that a person can experience is inexhaustible when you travel across the world.


The other sleepy-rookie mistake I made was, when I got into Ciampino, Rome, I walked out of the airport without my backpack. Realizing this, I turned around and walked through the doors where two guards were not amused by this. I tried to tell them what I had done but I could tell they weren't understanding me. One guard looked at my passport for a lonnnng time. "Come with me," he said.

He was taking me towards the baggage carriage. "There it is!" I pointed to my bag as it came around the carousel just in time. 

I was so happy to see it that I nearly left without getting my passport back from the guard. 






I arrived in Rome in the dark which provided lots of mystery for the next day when I ventured outside. I stumbled upon the usual, a church, some markets, and many cafes.





I walked this morning to my apartment for the month. It is on such a lovely neighborhood next to so many markets, shops, cafes, restaurants, and just steps to all the ruins, museums and sights.







It was a bit of an adventure trying to find my apartment. I was getting so tired of walking and decided to call the landlord of the apartment to see if I could get the keys to get in. No calls went through to him so I was beginning to wonder what my next steps were going to be. After a while of trying I asked someone who was passing by to help me. His name was Roberto and he said he worked right next to the address of the apartment so he would take me there. We had a nice short walk getting to know one another on the way. He said he is a world traveler and understood my troubles.





Roberto spoke with someone on the intercom in Italian and was able to get me into the building. "Okay, second floor you go!" He said to me. I gave him many thanks and made my way into the building. I wonder where I would be without Roberto! It took some time to find my apartment doors but eventually I met Susan the lady who had spoken to Roberto on the intercom. 


As Susan showed me around the lovely apartment, I learned that she is Hungarian and has been a dancer before. She is so nice, I couldn't have asked for a better roommate.

After I got settled, Susan gave me a plum she brought over from Hungary. I ate it as I leaned out the kitchen window viewing into the courtyard.  Across the way a window opened, it was Roberto! We waved at each other, "I guess we are neighbors!" He said.


After a while, Susan took me to her favorite markets and showed me the best ones with the best prices. I bought some lentils, cauliflower, laundry soap, and toothpaste. (very fun touristy stuff, yes) 


 We returned to the apartment at about 1 or 2pm. I was exhausted by now and was beginning to think lunch would be a good idea. Just then I heard the door buzzer. "Madeleine, your friend is coming up. He is here to visit." Susan told me. 


I was so confused. My friend? Then Roberto came in the door. He was here to invite me to lunch. I took him up on the offer and went to pizza with him. He said it is the best pizza in the area. 

I had a fig, prosciutto, and pumpkin pizza. It was amazing and so worth the dairy and gluten consumption! Roberto and I walked walked after we finished the pizza. We went to Villa Borghese where he gave me a little guided tour as we circled back to the apartment. 


That pretty much wrapped up my day. ever since then I have been in the apartment relaxing, getting some work done, and planning my day tomorrow. 


The DanceAbility Teacher Certification starts Sunday! I cannot wait to begin that journey within this already amazing journey! 



Wow... it's only been one day.... 





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