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Rome - antique

September 1, 2018

It's been hot and muggy ever since I arrived here in Rome. Today I had the joy of exploring my neighborhood a little more. I have been mainly immersed in the streets of the locals living their daily lives and going about their daily routines. 


This evening I saw the night life of Rome. Susanna invited me to a rooftop garden party that she was attending. It took place on top of Les Etoiles Hotel. The scene was painted with small lights hanging from awnings, music playing from the greenery, smartly dressed people holding glasses of spritz, lots of cheerful conversation happening, and a 360 view of Rome featuring Saint Peters Basilica of the Vatican.    

Everyone was so outgoing and friendly. l spoke with many people there learning more about the Italian culture and appreciating the view. Tetsuro was one of the first people I met. He works at the Chinese Embassy. He told me about how he dreams of going to Latin America but the Embassy wants him to stay in Italy becuase he is one of the few people who speak Italian. His story was so interesting.


Riad from the Saudi Arabian Embassy was immediately interested to hear all about DanceAbility. Most people were actually. Riad loved the idea of it I could tell. He told me about how he practices Feldenkrais and yoga. He was a very down-to-earth person.  



"The method is claimed to reorganize connections between the brain and body and so improve body movement and psychological state." Stalker D, Glymour C, eds. (1989). Examining Holistic Medicine. Prometheus Books. p. 373

Susanna also introduced me to many of her friends. I had many laughs with them.


Sometimes I would be in conversation with someone, and even though it was a perfectly lovely converstation I would feel the desire to just look at the scenery around me. Susanna's friend, Roberto, was explaining how people think that Rome becomes an entirely different place at night time. "Yes, all people think this that I have asked," Susanna said "Because all of the lights, everything looks yellow..." she continued to explain. It is true, the city seemed to take on a different feel than when I viewed it from Villa Borghese. 

"At night it is antique Rome." said Roberto. "Rome-antique... Romantic!" 





Susanna and I left the party just in the nick of time. The thunder was low and rumbling and the lightening was lighting up the whole city and framing the Vatican with a halo of electricity. I returned home and then it began to rain as it does in the movies. Heavy rain falling down and continuous rumbling thunder and lightening that lit up the dark apartment. Rain poured into the open kitchen window covering the floor with water. The rain is warm water here. 





It was an unforgettable experience. All of it.  




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