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Tango & Gelato & Culture

September 22, 2018

Today I am taking a lazy Sunday. Just going around the apartment cleaning up, hanging laundry to dry, cooking lunch, and prepping for Nolie to arrive here this evening. 




The new highlights of my past weeks include, 


Villa Medici



These frescos on the ceiling were unbelievably beautiful in person. Quite worth the neck ache. 



I learned that in the Renaissance Era, the art you possessed signified authority, power,

 and wealth. Why can't it be that way today?






 The view of layers and layers of life and time.


Gelateria Fassi


Tango dancing and gelato on a warm, Italian, summer night? 


This tango society had the event at the Fassi Gelato Factory where they had a gelato tasting to go along with the festivities.


I had never been before but this man named Luigi taught me how. He was one of the first tango teachers to come to Italy and teach this style. He shared the history of tango and its story on how it came from Argentina to Italy. 


Gallicano nel Lazio


Romano was so kind to invite Susan and I out to the little town of Gallicano. 

We enjoyed the company of his friends at a pool side villa. 

 I really appreciate the amount of care that people put into their food here. From the quality of ingredients and time spent preparing it to the event of eating it. It doesn't have to be a special occasion to have a meal here. 


We all spent hours around the table listening and singing along to the guitars.  


 It was quite a nice contrast to all of the walking I had been doing. 

Apple trees, pear trees, fig trees, pomegranate trees, olive trees, orange trees, and more were found everywhere all over the property.


I feel so fortunate to have experienced Rome in a unique and authentic way.