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Nolie's Here!

September 24, 2018

It is so nice to have Nolie join me in Rome.



He is very good at antagonizing all of the street vendors who try and shove roses and silly souvenirs in your face.



We lost track of all of the churches we've walked into. So, we just decided to start counting and set the number at 73.



 This basilica marked our 73rd....and counting... ;P 

And probably my favorite one so far for it's vibrant mosaics. It is quite the contrast to a majority of the churches here. 


I have enjoyed showing him around to all of the streets that feel so home-y to me now and all of my favorite little food spots. 

We have made a lot of discoveries together too.


Overhearing a tour guide talking to her group we learned something new. She said, "You call New York The Big Apple, well, we call Rome The Big Lasagna!"

It's so true, there are so many levels to Rome. Exploring the ancient, layers of the past to walking on the streets of today. 



It's also nice to have a personal photographer with me now.  ;)


 Here we go.....


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